“When Andrew and Emma stood next to one another it was like you heard the angel choir singing. It was blessed. The last time I’ve seen that blunt of chemistry was Hepburn and Tracy; when they’re on screen, you’re mesmerized. It’s so obvious how strong they’re together and how he’s strong for her, and she’s strong for him”.

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‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Moscow Premiere - Hair Guide

A beautiful, easy look that can be worn for any occasion. Best for mid-length to long hair. 

Suggested Products
 Hair Brush & Small Comb
 Hair Tie

01. Brush out all the knots and tangles in your hair.
02. Part your hair down the middle of your head using a comb. 
03. Pull your hair back in a bun, bobbypining a few strands to clean it up. Leave out your bangs and a few pieces from the layers in your hair on your left side. 
04. Taking a piece of hair from that side, braid it as well as twist in a pretty chain. 
05. Spray your hair with hairspray. Enjoy!

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